RaiseRight Gift Card Fundraiser

RaiseRight is a gift card/e-gift card program that allows you to earn money on items that you are already purchasing.  It provides “cash back” into your student’s account every time you make a purchase.  You can purchase an e-gift card for Giant Eagle, Target, Old Navy or restaurants – over 750 brands – instantly.  Cash back depends on the percentage that the brand provides. 

The Boosters will get a report each month that states how much was earned for you student’s account.  Again, there is no deadline and we hope to keep this program going for years to co

To pay for your e-gifts cards, you will link to your bank account.  Please be sure that you are purchasing an e-giftcard as we are not set up to recieve physical gift cards to distribute!

I am attaching a video, a flyer, and a website for you to get started.  The process takes a few days to create a secure link to your account. 

Enrollment code for Plum High Music Boosters is 57VTMJ118DL7

How to Get Started Website

How to Get Started Video