~All families must be paid members of the Plum High Music Boosters in order to get credit on your student’s account. See Membership Page
~Returned checks will incur a $15 fee plus any additional fees when applicable


It’s a Wrap Pepperoni Roll Fundraiser

Selling Price: 6-pack at $13.00 (3 different flavors)

Profit: $6.50/pack

Orders Due: Wednesday, August 30th (no later orders will be accepted)

Delivery: Monday, September 11th @ HS Cafeteria. Time TBD


Marianna’s Hoagie Fundraiser (Student Account)

Selling Price: $10.00 each

Profit: $3.00 each

Orders Due: Wednesday, October 4th (no later orders will be accepted)

Delivery: Tuesday, October 17th @ HS Cafeteria. Time TBD

You can submit your orders two ways:

*Using the Tally Form – Return the completed Tally form and one check or Money order in a sealed envelope to the Booster Lock Box located in the Music Wing. No cash can be accepted.

*On Cheddar Up –

If you submit your order on CheddarUp, please be sure you recieve a confirmation email from CheddarUp or your order has not been processed.

Marianna’s Order Form